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Paint it Green

Why waterborne is better than solvent-based paint

Did you know that at QB Collision we use green paint? We’re not talking about painting your car green, although if you want to have a green-colored car, that’s your choice and we’ll do it! We’re actually talking about environmentally green paint.

In recent years, research has shown that the solvent-based spray paints commonly used by many car repair shops (but not by us) have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Generally, that strong smell you notice from common spray paint is a bad sign. Fumes given off by oil-based paints can release dangerous organic compounds. Read More..

College Kids Home for the Summer, Means Increase in Car Repairs

Often times, when college kids come home for the summer, their dirty laundry isn’t the only thing needing attention. Toward the beginning of summer vacation, we start seeing more cars come in for body repairs. Dings, dents and scratches that happened during the school year show up in our body shop in the summer because now Mom and Dad are able to get it fixed. Sometimes, Mom and Dad are the reason for the new dent! We’ve seen it plenty of times; parents start backing out of the garage and forget that their recently-arrived-child had his car in the driveway. Read More..

Meet our Staff

QB Collision is built on integrity, precision and knowledge. As a family owned shop, we have a proud tradition of quality work. Because of our high standards, we demand a lot from our employees. To show our appreciation for them, we’re running a blog series called “Employee Spotlight.”
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Why Choose Us For Your Auto Body Repair

It’s hard to find an auto body shop you can trust; we get it! When your car’s been banged up, it’s an expense you weren’t expecting and probably hadn’t budgeted for. That can be frustrating, especially if you’re worried about time, money and trusting that the job will be done right

Rest assured that QB Collison is the best choice. Our team of skilled craftsmen is specifically trained in auto body repair and service. QB professionals are experts at frame straightening, welding, dent removal, paint matching, 4-wheel alignment, windshield and auto glass repair or replacement.
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